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100% Halal SAGIST GROUP INVEST SYSTEM, the world's most reliable investment opportunity, provides only personalized service. Reliable, 100% Halal and highly confidential!

With its 28 years of international experience, it has been presenting its political and economic network all over the world to its investors in many countries of the world for 13 years as an investment partnership. 
Our company, which works continuously with strategic institutes that know the developments in the world without any problems, with advanced confidentiality and individual investment services, and takes precautions before events occur, directs its investments and provides great profits to its partners. 
Our system works very simply and transparently; 
You inform us of the amount you want to deposit; we send a proforma accordingly. After the amount in our proforma reaches our official company account, our system starts to work. 

*    We make special investments for you with the amount of the amount you send, our investments are recorded on our company. All profits from investments are transparently announced to our investors every 6 months. All profits made for 2 years are calculated and deducted from our company's investment fee of 10%, then sent back to the account you want or added back to the system. The same 2-year rule applies for the amounts are-added to the system.
*    lf you need cash in any way before 2 years, you can withdraw a maximum of 20% of your total investment within 3-4 business days, if you notify us in writing. No matter how much profit you get from this amount ( max. %20), we will not be paid to you any profit over this amount. Payment is made on the remaining amount.

WHATSAPP INFO: +905537206617

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